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Set yourself goals for 2024!

Welcome to our thoughts on goal setting

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for myself 2023 did not go to plan!  There’s a high probability that some of your goals from last year have fallen by the wayside as you focused on reacting to life's new challenges being thrown at you.  Adapt and overcome, then as you get used to a new routine it was time to change again! I also don’t mind admitting that I am a bit of a control freak, and having control over NOTHING did not sit well with me! Clients changing session times, kids off with strike action and baking to pass the time! It was all a recipe for fitness disaster!

So I am curious to know how many of you would normally kick start a new year with fitness & health resolutions, and realistic goals?

Let’s get started

When it comes to setting goals make sure they are realistic

What did you look to achieve in 2023, and of those goals what did you manage?

What does a healthy lifestyle look like to you?

What type of exercise do you really enjoy?

Looking at all the challenges and constraints you faced in 2023, which stopped you working out, what can you commit to in A) worse case, limited time, and B) carving out a few hours for YOU each week?

Goal setting

When it comes to our fitness and lifestyle goals, many of us can happily set these for ourselves and self- motivate.  For others, it may be better to work with a partner, friend or group of friends.  This means the days when we feel we really have no energy and cannot be bothered, there will be someone to support you and make you go for that run! Others need a coach, and as trainers we have adapted what we can offer monthly finding more people moving to remote coaching, and needing help with plans to work with from home.  I have signed up new clients who do not want to consider going back to a busy gym environment and so we are working at finding equipment for home use.

Make it happen

There are so many ways now to track our progress.  You may choose to engage the help of a Personal Trainer who can monitor and track your progress, take measurements and weight etc.  There are numerous fitness trackers which are fantastic and give great feedback and information on your sessions.  Then there are lots the apps, (I love MyFitnessPal).

So let us start by writing down your plan.  How many times a week do you know you can workout and for how long.  Any additional sessions are your gold star! Can you commit to eating healthy 5 days a week, and let yourself have a treat at the weekend?

Is there any exercise you would love to be able to do, like hold a plank for a minute? Make that a 4 week goal, set your timer and practice this every other day!

Work with some small goals and then have that main one.  Is it the amount of weight you want to lose, or a triathlon or 10k? Whatever it is note it down, set the date and lets go!

2024 a year to stay healthy

So let’s all work to stay physically and mentally healthy this year.  Pull on whatever resources work for you! And most of all have fun doing it! x

2024 a year to stay healthy

So let’s all work to stay physically and mentally healthy this year.  Pull on whatever resources work for you! Set your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals! And most of all have fun doing it! x

Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us for info on how we can help you in person or online!

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