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Packages & Pricing

Choose Your Package

  • SK Fitness 4 week focus

    Over 4 weeks we will provide you with 3 different workouts to do in your time
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Join our private Instagram group
    • This is suitable for any fitness level
    • We will make contact weekly to check you are on track
  • Supporting Fitness & Fuel - 4 weeks

    4 week fitness plan adapted for you. Weekly check in with your coach. Nutrition guidance
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Join our private Instagram group with videos of exercises
    • Initial 30 minute consultation and planning session
    • 4 week fitness plan adapted for you
    • Weekly check in with your coach
    • Nutrition guidance including calculation of macros
    • worksheet of advised food types
    • suggested calories to consume per day
  • Ladies Who Lift - 6 x 50 min sessions

    A women’s weight training programme that teaches proper strength training
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Teach you new weight lifting exercises
    • Activate your core and work all the major muscle groups of y
    • Boosting your metabolism & torching fat.
    • Help you gain extra confidence by lifting weights,
    • Learn a new & interesting way to exercise
  • Online PT - 10 x 30 min sessions

    For those who don’t have time to travel or live outside our area
    • Exercise from the comfort of your own home
    • We will tailor a workout to help you achieve your goals
    • Replicate your session in your own time
  • One to One Training - 10 sessions

    One-to-one private sessions can be delivered at our studio or in your own home.
    • We will help you sculpt a strong lean physique
    • Burn fat, lose weight, tone up
    • Get on track to a healthier lifestyle
    • Create a positive change
  • Best Value

    Two to One Training - 10 sessions

    For those who prefer to train together
    • Help with motivation and commitment to your plan
    • Increase your enjoyment training with a partner
    • Bespoke plans written for you
  • Fit to Golf - 10 x 50 min sessions

    Golf specific training programmes to help golfers with a focus on strength/ power/ flexibility
    • Let us help you strengthen key areas of your game
    • Our workouts will help hips, back, flexibility and more
    • Using strength, cardio, flexibility and balance
  • Your Small Group - 10 sessions

    Train with up to 5 friends
    • Set goals as a team
    • We will give you the session plans bespoke to your group
    • We will monitor your progress individually
    • Train with your people, your way
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