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“I have been training with Suzanne for about 8 years, through my PT sessions.  I go twice a week to Suzanne to lose weight, build strength and tone. Suzanne motivates you and works you hard which I love. 

During Lockdown I trained 5 days a week on Zoom and loved it.

Through different types of exercise, especially weights and boxing, I have changed my body shape, I am toned, have definition and muscles. I have also lost weight and could not have achieved this without her. 

I love my PT sessions and intend to continue.  I have more energy than I had before, and I am absolutely over the moon with my results.  Long may it continue!”

Fiona M


“I have been training with Suzanne since November 2023. I had never trained using a Personal Trainer before so I didn't know what to expect but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 


My goal was to lose weight and improve my general fitness. Suzanne’s excellent knowledge and variety of exercises has helped me achieve visible results in a short space of time. 


Each session is fun and tailored to help me achieve my goal. I have a session once a fortnight then go to the gym 2-3 times a week in between to work on the exercises from the last session.


Suzanne is extremely encouraging and even managed to talk me into attending a spin class - something I’d never done before or thought I’d be able to do. 


I would highly recommend Suzanne and the team to anyone.”

Iain Gray, 36

Alexa Young, CA

What others say

Sheila M, Houston

I started working with Suzanne of SKFitness at the end of September 2021 . I’m an active 50 plus lady who enjoys walking, spinning, swimming, horse riding however have been struggling with joint pain & weight gain since becoming menopausal. Suzanne has helped me lose both inches & weight (in significant numbers) since I started training with her.  She is friendly and motivational without being at all judgemental. I enjoy my sessions with her & intend to continue my fitness & lifestyle improvement journey with her.  

Thank you Suzanne 

Nikki, Bridge of Weir

I’ve been training with Suzanne for over a year now. I really enjoy the variety of different workouts. She puts me through my paces and uses equipment I wouldn’t ever pick up in the gym myself! She tailors the sessions to my fitness level and goals, so I constantly feel challenged and see results

Liz, Bridge of Weir

Having never tried HIIT or kettlebells before I was a bit nervous about coming along. However, Suzanne is really motivating while also letting you go at your own pace. After only 6 weeks I feel so much stronger. Would highly recommend.

Reach your health dreams with us

Boxing Training

I met Suzanne before SK Fitness even existed – we were Mums who got chatting at the nursery pick up. I remember our first conversation about SK Fitness well. With Suzanne’s ambition and friendly personality I had no doubt her dream would be a success.


For me the idea of a personal trainer filled me with horror. I’d never picked up a kettlebell or stepped on a Watt bike in my life. I hated exercise. But with Suzanne’s infectious enthusiasm and her constantly upbeat personality and love of exercise I haven’t looked back. I now have PT sessions each week, attend as many of her classes as I can and she even has managed to get me out running on a regular basis. I feel healthier, fitter and much better equipped to deal the stresses of life with SK Fitness in my life. Laura B, Bridge of Weir

Deborah B, Kilmacollm

I’ve been training with Suzanne for nearly 2 years. She pushes me and makes it interesting with new training techniques and exercises

Megan R, Bridge of Weir

Suzanne is amazing, her classes are excellent. I’ve just had my second personal training session with her and it was brilliant. She really helps me get motivated and personalises every workout to my current fitness level and adapts the exercises to suit what I want to achieve

Michelle L, Bridge of Weir

I started personal training sessions with Suzanne nearly 12 weeks ago and she is fantastic. I’ve seen a change in my body that I could not have managed myself. She is very flexible when it comes to dates and times of my sessions which is a huge help. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to make lifestyle changes.

We are two friends who used to run together years ago but haven’t done much exercise recently. After years of talking about getting fit again but never doing much about it we started a weekly session with Suzanne four months ago. It has been great fun doing a joint session and we have made progress very quickly, gaining fitness and losing inches. Suzanne has tailored sessions to suit our aims and we do a mixture of cardio and strength work. Neither of us had worked with weights before and were a bit apprehensive, but Suzanne has been so encouraging and we have really enjoyed the variety of exercises she takes us through. She motivates us to work hard both in our session and beyond. With this kickstart to our fitness we have started running again – all thanks to Suzanne. 

Mags and Lucy (50 something, Bridge of Weir)

Eight years ago I contacted Suzanne at SK Fitness to start doing some sort of exercise to help with my weight loss journey. I felt so nervous when I had my first consultation with Suzanne. However, I need not have worried, she immediately put me at ease and explained what I could expect going forward. Here I am over 49 inches down and I enjoy every session I have with her.

I love the private one-to-one personal training in a well-equipped gym. She has tailored my training package so that it grows with me, my strength as well as fitness. Every session is sent to me in advance via email and Suzanne explains what it is meant to achieve, with regular checks on the apps I use to monitor my own fitness and change.
She is excellent at her work and it has completely changed my life.

Angela Devine, Kilbarchan

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