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Open Water Swimming?

New challenges – Triathlon – Open Water Swimming

Since my teenage years my main fitness activity has been running. I love nothing more than the escape it gives me being out in the fresh air, music on, and in my own world with no one to worry about than just me. Over lock down I started road biking with a friend, and in a matter of weeks the rush and exhilaration I felt on the bike put it as a close number 2 outdoor activity.

Fears of the challenge

The gremlin in my head then started saying…. “try a triathlon, you know it makes sense!” However, I am a terrible swimmer with no desire to swim in a pool let alone open water. That is when an amazing client suggested we try and take on a triathlon together and I felt I just could not say no.

A first time for everything!

Wetsuit purchased, I started talking manically to clients who may have tried this crazy sport before. I was incredibly lucky to be directed to amazing bloggers and websites to read up on all the pros, cons, and health benefits of open water swimming. On my first “dip” I was incredibly lucky to have 5 other ladies come with me and one by one we headed into the perishing sea!

Ice cold!

At first the cold hit me like ice and I thought this is absolute insanity. Moments later however I was swimming away and loving the adrenaline coursing through my body. For the first attempt we only stayed in the water for about 14 minutes then headed out freezing! However, the feeling the experience gave me was sheer pleasure and I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

My verdict?

I will definitely be adding open water swimming to my list of hobbies and I am actively encouraging my clients to go give it a try!

As a thrill, for fitness, or to improve mental health I would highly recommend this activity. Just make sure you are with someone who knows what they are doing and keep an open mind!

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