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Motivation and Exercise

What is motivation?

Motivation is a crucial factor in achieving success in fitness. It is the driving force that propels people towards their goals. Whether someone wants to lose weight, build muscle, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, staying motivated can be a challenge. The definition of motivation varies from person to person. It can be derived from group exercise classes, coaches, goal setting, and other sources.

Staying motivated!

However, what does it take to sustain motivation? How can one stay motivated? In the end, motivation comes from within. Current research shows that the main contributing factors in adherence to motivation and exercise are music, mental health, body image, and health conditions. What solutions can be made to help you stay motivated? Motivation can become a trial-and-error concept where you must figure out what drives you to succeed.

Train with a friend or partner!

With the current research stating what the most popular motivators are, some ways you can try these methods are by; trying to find a gym buddy. This has been shown to help those who need that push of encouragement and almost force to get into a routine of exercising by doing it with someone else who you can be sociable with but also competitive with.

Buy new gym gear!

Buying some new gym clothes. This is such a popular motivator; you want to feel good starting to exercise so why not invest in new gym gear and show it off while feeling good? This has also been shown as a comfort blanket for those who may be intimated by group exercising or machines at the gym, so as much as you may be out of your comfort zone, you're still very much comforting yourself.

The power of music!

Make a new playlist! This is such a personal and simple step into getting motivated. No one knows you better than yourself which means you can have the wildest listening playlist customised for you that is set up and ready to go which no one can take away from you.

Plan your workouts

Make a diary. Set time aside during the week and write your day-to-day plan, look for the 30-minute windows where you can go a walk, or if the kids have a club on can you make it to a 45-minute exercise class. Start chipping away at the wee kick starts that can grow into a passion for exercising.

Ready to get started?

Here at SK Fitness, we will go above and beyond to motivate our classes through our excellent personal trainers, fitness instructors and friendly faces. For more info on how we can help YOU and to get you started in person or online please get in touch, or comment!

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